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We provide discrete event simulation services.  Simulation techniques can allow organizations to model and validate changes before investing.

The Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook

"Yes, but we can't believe the data." 

"We have the data but we don't know what it means."

These are common statements heard within organizations.  Let IQS help you deal with these questions, and more, related to your data analysis needs.


Integrated Quality Services (IQS) has industry recognized experts in the implementation and application of Lean Six Sigma concepts.

We offer both training and coaching for all levels within your organization.

Co-written by Lorraine Daniels, Managing Partner of Integrated Quality Services.

“IQS (Integrated Quality Services) has been a strong partner in our Six Sigma implementation!”

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OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE BEEN EVERYWHERE – healthcare  to manufacturing TO government operations. 

Our professional team includes industrial engineers with Ph.D's and specialists in Lean Six Sigma, designed experiments, statistics, discrete event simulation, and team building.


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